Testimonial for Bryson Care ‘One2One’ Service

Last year I accompanied and assisted my elderly aunt to her first appointment at the NHS Memory Clinic. The diagnosis was not a surprise: just a sad confirmation of what was already apparent in respect of my aunt’s forgetfulness and increasing palliative care needs.

The Bryson Service not only helped my aunt by keeping her safe and cared for in her own home until her passing, but it also helped me and my family, giving us much needed support in emotionally difficult circumstances. Bryson Care ‘One2One’ Service helped my aunt achieve her dream.

Hilary Wells, NI

Social Services’ solution was to recommend a nursing home placement, and could only offer a modest and wholly inadequate care package for supporting my aunt to remain in her home; so much for the ethos of Care in the Community and the vision of Transforming Your Care.

My aunt wanted more than anything to be able to stay in her own home safely with her familiar surroundings and her beloved cat.  Her wishes could not have been realised without the kindness, responsiveness and support of Bryson carers and their ‘One2One’ Service.

My request for help and assistance for my aunt was immediately met during my first meeting with Bryson Care.  They listened carefully to my thoughts about my aunt’s care needs, and quickly arranged a home visit to meet, listen, understand and respond to her individual and tailored needs.

The service was made available immediately, and responded to my aunt’s changing care needs over the following months as her health deteriorated.  A small dedicated team of carers provided my aunt with a reliable, person-centred service. The Bryson carers genuinely provided care with affection, and they kept me fully informed of any problems. 


Hilary Wells (Oct 2017)