Uula’s, EVS volunteer in Ulster Wildlife

Here he tells us his story.

Hi! My name is Uula, I’m from Finland, and I am an EVS volunteer in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Before coming here I was studying Geography in Scotland, and for me EVS is not only a way to help me figure out where to go next, but a life-changing experience in itself. I’m volunteering for an environmental organisation called Ulster Wildlife, and we manage 18 nature reserves across Northern Ireland, which means I work mainly outdoors in nature. The tasks are physically quite heavy, and I know being outside in every weather and through winter is not for everyone, but I love nature and hiking so the project sounded absolutely perfect. So far it has exceeded all my expectations – it even rains a lot less than in Scotland! My year has had a great effect on me and what I want from future; after all, I chose EVS because I thought it is an amazing opportunity to learn something new, not just about other cultures and people, but also about yourself.

Uula, Belfast