Family Contact

Bryson Family Contact Service facilitates high quality contact between Children & Young People 0-18 years and their Parent(s) and is independent of the Courts and Social Services.  

At Bryson Care Family Contact we appreciate the sensitive role of the Contact Worker, the need for effective communication to enable contact between families to be safe and positive, balanced with the need to record accurate and detailed observations of that contact.

You can expect the Family Contact Worker to:

  • Be polite
  • Treat you with respect
  • Be open and honest in their approach to working with you
  • Listen to you
  • Promote equality
  • Preserve confidentiality
  • Treat you fairly

At all times Bryson Family Contact staff will maintain impartiality and confidentiality unless a child or anyone else is felt to be at risk.  The Contact Worker is the pivotal role in relaying any concerns immediately to parent / carer / multidisciplinary team and line management - enabling issues to be dealt with immediately to ensure the welfare needs of the child / young person are met with significant incidents / difficulties being reported to the referring body by telephone on the same day - the referrer is responsible for ensuring all emergency duty information is provided including a named contact.

A detailed observational report is completed after each contact session in line with the requirements of the Bryson Care Family Contact Service and contribute to the decision making process and planning for children and young people. As part of our service we are able to provide accurate and detailed reports for LAC Reviews / Court proceedings.

In order to maintain and facilitate contact we have identified the importance of having a reliable, adequate and trustworthy transport facility.  We are able to provide escorted transport from the child’s residence / designated point of contact to the specified venue and all our drivers are police checked for suitability, trained in contact supervision and checks completed 6 monthly on Driving License, MOT and Car Insurance (Business Use).  Bryson Care Family Contact Service provides age appropriate car seats in accordance with current legislation.

The child's welfare is paramount and takes primacy over the interests of any and all adults and the child's welfare will be safeguarded and promoted by all Bryson Family Contact Staff.  Bryson Family Contact Service reserves the right to terminate contact if it is felt to be in the best interest of the child or Bryson Family Contact staff.

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Family Contact

2 Rivers Edge 13-15 Ravenhill Road Belfast BT6 8DN
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