Partnership with Parents

Partnership with Parents (PwP) is an individual parenting programme which is tailored to meet the specific needs of children and their families. 

PwP is informed by evidence of ‘what works’ in order to ensure it has the best chance to succeed and make a real difference for parents and their children. The length of the programme varies depending on the level of presenting need of the parent; however, it lasts approximately 18 weeks.  Parents receive a minimum of one hour long session per week and it is designed so that one activity is covered in each session, however, where a parent is struggling with understanding the concept, an activity may run over two sessions.

The programme is not suitable for parents who, due to factors such as severe mental health, unstable / chaotic addiction or intellectual disability, have a limited capacity in their ability to: retain information, reflect on their parenting approach, or implement changes in their parenting.

PwP is a home based programme as research has shown that programmes are more effective if they are offered in the parents’ home environment (Sundel & Sundel, 2005). Some of the benefits to the programme being offered in the home are:

  • The parents learning the knowledge and skills in their natural environment
  • It provides the worker with a better understanding of the home environment and how this may be impacting on parenting

Referral Process

Referrals can come from a parent directly (self referral) or from a Community, Voluntary or Statutory organisation, however, all referrals must be non Child Protection referrals with the child attending a designated school or parents living within a designated postcode.

The referral process for Partnership with Parents is as follows:

  • Select the parent / family who you feel or where they have approached you and they feel they require the support - the parent must consent to the referral being made 
  • Complete the Expression of Interest form
  • Email to:
  • PwP staff will make contact with the parent and confirm consent and set up a meeting (in the family home) to complete an assessment of need and agree further dates / times to meet
  • Intervention commences

Key Contact

Helen Brown

(028) 9032 5835
2 Rivers Edge 13-15 Ravenhill Road Belfast BT6 8DN
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