Student Handbook Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Bryson Care
About Bryson

Bryson Care (Formerly Bryson House, Bryson Charitable Group, & (Bryson Care West) is a registered Charity and leading Northern Ireland Social Enterprise developing sustainable responses to existing and emerging social need. 

Bryson has seven strategic business units which provide a range of services, which reflect the needs of modern society and informs the development of government policy.  These include programmes supporting parents with the goal of keeping their children within the family unit and also supporting vulnerable older people and adults to help maintain independent living at home. There is also an independent advocacy service for individuals with a learning disability and a range of volunteering services, including the EVS (European Volunteer Service)

 In addition to these well-known services Bryson has led the way in developing programmes to protect the environment through its dynamic Bryson Recycling, which has centres both in the North and South of Ireland, and also on the UK mainland.

Bryson also provides services for black and minority ethnic individuals/families and communities through Bryson Intercultural.  Bryson is also involved in the Vulnerable Persons Relocation (VPR) scheme to resettle up to 20.000 Syrian Refugees over the course of the current UK Parliament. The First Minister and Deputy First Minister indicated to the UK Government their willingness to welcome some of the most vulnerable refugees here under the VPR scheme to NI. The VPR scheme is based on need. It prioritises those who cannot be supported effectively in their region of origin: women and children at risk, people in severe need of medical care and survivors of torture and violence. The Vulnerable Syrian Refugee Consortium (composed of 7 different organizations’ and Bryson Intercultural being the lead partner) is a Voluntary and Community Sector response designed to meet the objectives as set out in the DSD (Department for Social Development) plan for Refugees under VPR.  Bryson Intercultural DARE project and TIDES training seek to promote and sustain positive relations between Catholic, Protestant and Black and Ethnic people across N. Ireland and the Border Regions.

There are also a range of training opportunities for the long-term unemployed, through Bryson Future Skills.  We also engage with disadvantaged young people and communities through Bryson Lagan Sports, utilising the river to provide opportunities to participate in water sports and other outdoor activities. 

 Bryson recognises its responsibility as an organisation employing social care workers to comply with the Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC) Standards of Conduct and Practice for Social Care Workers (2015).  It will facilitate students’ practice in accordance with their status as registered social care practitioners with NISCC, its Standards of Conduct for Social Work students (2015) and the Standards for Practice Learning for the Degree in Social Work (Revised 2018).

There is a dynamic and ever growing voluntary sector in Northern Ireland, providing a range of services across many areas of need.  Since its inception in 1906 Bryson has historically provided significant social care services in Northern Ireland.  In addition, the DPLC has played a key role in contributing to the direct provision and development of practice learning opportunities in the wider voluntary sector.  We actively participate in the wide range of representational, direct teaching and development activities associated with social work training in Northern Ireland.  Extern and Bryson Care make up three of the primary Designated Practice Learning Centres within the voluntary sector.  We also work in partnership with VOCALS, the voluntary sector organisation which oversee the running and maintenance of social work placements within the voluntary sector.

An essential part of our mission is to ensure that professional standards of service are promoted in the voluntary sector.  Bryson Care is committed to the provision of quality learning experiences for those training to become social workers, both from within its own services but it also supports other smaller voluntary organisations and charities in this endeavour. As a Designated Practice Learning Provider we are committed to developing practice learning opportunities as stipulated in NISCC’s Standards for Practice Learning for the Degree in Social Work (Revised 2018).

Bryson Social Services

Bryson Care provides a range of services within the Belfast and South Eastern, and Western Health & Social Care Trust areas.  This includes a Domiciliary Care Service which provides care and support to vulnerable older people and those with a disability helping them to remain at home and a range of dementia services, some of which have been newly commissioned. The Laundry Service helps those experiencing incontinence by supplying fresh sheets on a weekly basis.   A large number of families benefit from support provided by our range of Family Services.  There is also the new Bryson One to One service offering practical social and emotional support to older people, and other vulnerable people helping them to maintain independence and improved wellbeing.  Information on Bryson Care and the other Bryson subsidiaries can be found on the Bryson website.

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