Domiciliary Care

Bryson Care has provided Domiciliary Care services in the Belfast and Western HSCT areas for the past 25 years. 


Throughout that time, we have worked to continually improve our service to meet the challenges of a changing operating environment.  We have collaborated with the Trust, Regulators, our service users and staff, investing in our readiness for the next generation of home care. In the last year we have successfully implemented a new domiciliary service across 4 diverse rural and urban areas in the Western Trust servicing 590 service users providing approximately 5000 care hours per week.  In achieving this growth, we have increased our workforce from 70 Care Workers up to 220 employees. 

Service Aim

Bryson ensures our service delivery promotes independence and is sensitive and responsive to the needs of Service User through a culture of quality and value based practice. We deliver person-centred and compassionate care, upholding the rights of the service user to autonomy, self-determination and choice through actively promoting values of respect and empowerment. These are competencies of every role within the organisation. This is achieved through our training, performance management and quality assurance program.


Service Objectives

  • To provide personal care and practical / domestic / emotional support to people in need living at home to include a sitting / respite service.
  • To adopt an enabling approach to the provision of care and support that promotes people’s independence and supports people to engage in activities based on individual needs / wishes.
  • To work in partnership with the people who use the service their families, carers and other professionals.
  • To implement agreed care / support plans and participate in review processes.
  • To regularly review and monitor the quality of service provision to include feedback from people who use the services.


Principles of Care / Support

Bryson Charitable Group is committed to providing care services that are of a high quality. We aim to provide services that:

  • Value each Service User as an individual and treat each Service User with dignity and respect
  • Ensure safe practice and the appropriate management of risk
  • Intervene no more than is necessary so that each Service User can remain as independent as possible in their own home with a focus on each Service User’s assets / strengths
  • Promote and safeguard Service Users basic human rights
  • Do not discriminate against Service Users
  • Give each Service User the opportunity to make choices about how his / her care and support is provided as far as possible, adopting the principles of co-production
  • Treat information about each Service User in a confidential manner

Each Service User can expect all staff to:

  • Be properly trained to support Service Users
  • Be courteous, approachable and professional at all times
  • Give a response to requests for information as quickly as possible
  • Provide information about the Services that is easy to understand
  • Endeavour to get things right the first time and correct them quickly if they are wrong
  • Deal with concerns / complaints as quickly as possible
  • Ask for views / opinions about the Service we provide
  • Work with Service Users to find ways to improve the Service they are getting.


Referral Process

Bryson Care adopts an anti-discriminatory approach to accessing services and in this service an individual must be referred by a Trust Key Worker/Care Manager. The service must also be able to demonstrate that it can meet the assessed needs of the individual and is subject to the conditions of the Contract and Service Specification agreed with the Health and Social Care Trust.


RASP [Rapid Active Support Project] is part of Bryson's Domiciliary Care Service in Belfast. It is based on the principles of Active Support and aims to promote your independence and improvements in overall well-being following a stay in hospital or a residential setting. The project will focus on helping you do things for yourself, rather than doing things for you and will help you regain the skills and confidence you may have lost as a result of poor health. The project is short term, up to 6 weeks, with a view of you being able to live independently again after this time. 

If this isn't possible, and you need more help, your Trust Worker will discuss other options with you.

Bryson Charitable Group, as the service provider, is contracted to deliver care and support on behalf of the Belfast Trust, who purchases the service. A Trust Representative assesses your needs and then refers your name to us. The RASP Manager then decides whether we can provide the required care and support. 

Once the Care / Support Plan has been agreed with you, then a Support Worker(s) will visit you and commence the service. There is also the option of purchasing support on a private basis through our One2One Total Support service.

Assessment / Care Planning

The Service recognises the responsibilities of the relevant Trusts to carry out an assessment of need, inclusive of risk assessments, for each Service User and work in partnership with the Trusts to implement agreed Care and Support Plans. Care / support will be provided in a way which maintains and respects the privacy, dignity and lifestyle of the person receiving care with particular reference to assisting with dressing and undressing, bathing, washing, shaving and oral hygiene, toileting and continence requirements, medication list, moving and handling, meal preparation if appropriate, managing personal possessions and monies. Care / support will always be provided in the least intrusive way at all times.


Review Processes

The Services recognise the responsibility of the relevant Trust to review the provision of care / support for each Service User and contribute to any review processes as required by the Trust.

Key Contact

Bryson Care One2One

(028) 9045 2136
2 Rivers Edge 13-15 Ravenhill Road Belfast BT6 8DN

Liz Leathem

(028) 9032 5835
2 Rivers Edge 13-15 Ravenhill Road Belfast BT6 8DN
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