Independent Advocacy Service

Who is service programme for?

Bryson Independent Advocacy Service supports some of the most vulnerable people in our society. We aim to empower those who need help speaking up for themselves, so they may be heard by those entrusted with their well-being and the protection of their rights.

About the Service

Our service is commissioned by the Belfast and South Eastern Health & Social Care Trusts.  We also accept referrals for discrete pieces of work on a spot purchased basis from all trusts and other external agencies throughout Northern Ireland.  Primarily we support adults with a learning disability living at home in their own community.  We also have an important role in supporting those living in Muckamore Abbey and their Carers.  Our Advocates have expertise and experience in Children and Family work;   supporting those involved in Court or Legal proceedings and helping  those who have issues within their Care Home.  Our personalised service  provides short or long term support to meet individual need.

In Bryson Care we promote and encourage other forms of advocacy, for example, we have been involved in establishing Day Care and Residential Group Advocacy and the facilitation of service user forums.  Our aim is to amplify the collective voice of individuals with similar issues and to empower them to articulate their needs and wishes.


Service Aims

Bryson's Advocacy Service is person centred and our well trained and experienced team of advocates take time with each person  in order to understand their particular situation.  Each individual  is encouraged to speak for themselves, but where this is not possible the advocate  in the presence of the person will speak on their behalf.

Key Contact

Una Torrens

(028) 9032 5835
2 Rivers Edge 13-15 Ravenhill Road Belfast BT6 8DN
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